Joshua Freed


The state of Washington deserves a government that is as great as its people. This will only come when we demand real results from Olympia in order to help our most vulnerable. Joshua Freed is running for Lieutenant Governor of Washington as the write-in Republican candidate. Vote Joshua Freed for Washington Lieutenant Governor. He will demand real results, open government and put an end to backroom deals.

As you drive around Washington one thing you will notice is the amount of businesses that are having to close up due to the virus shut down. Joshua Freed is the write-in Lieutenant Governor candidate who wants to push to open Washington businesses back up. It is time to speak up and put an end to Jay Inslee and the damage he is doing with closing our businesses down. We need someone like Joshua Freed representing Washington who knows how to run a business.

When you receive your 2020 ballot, be sure to:

  • Vote in the right race of Lieutenant Governor
  • Fill in scanning box
  • Write in “Joshua Freed”
  • Reject Referendum 90 (comprehensive sex education)

Please join Joshua Freed and write his name in for Lieutenant Governor.

Joshua Freed Lieutenant Governor


We need proper representation of all 39 counties of Washington. Vote write-in candidate, Joshua Freed Lieutenant Governor to get the job done. The Democrat Party has turned into the Socialist party dedicated to death, division and destruction. Look around you and see the full-term abortions allowed in our state and the daily liberties we are losing. We have seen people shot in the street for what they believe in. Stand with Joshua Freed Lieutenant Governor for life, restoring order and individual liberties.

If elected, Joshua Freed Lieutenant Governor would work focus on trade and economic development. He wants to turn around a downward spiral of exports in Washington State under this current, reckless leadership. There has been a 27% decrease in exports in Washington because Democrats do not support manufacturing and independent businesses that typically provide about 80% of the jobs in workforce in Washington. Joshua Freed wants to put an end to that.

When you write-in Joshua Freed Lieutenant Governor, know that he will stand for:

  • Small businesses
  • Job creation by small business
  • Freedoms based on Constitution
  • Individual liberties

Vote Joshua Freed Lieutenant Governor for the write-in Republican candidate.

Joshua Freed Write-in


The role of the Lieutenant Governor is to be the president of the Senate. Vote Joshua Freed write-in candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Washington. We can stand up to reckless bills that often move forward in the State Senate, often raising taxes and so forth. Joshua Freed write-in candidate for Lieutenant Governor wants to fight for families, minorities and freedoms.

Joshua Freed write-in Lieutenant Governor candidate recognizes that the time is now. We cannot afford any more of failed leadership that is literally proactive leadership in working towards Socialism. Join Joshua Freed write-in and pass the word out to friends and neighbors.

If elected for Lieutenant Governor, Joshua Freed write-in candidate, will:

  • Preside over State Senate
  • Fill in for governor when needed
  • Advocacy for education
  • Break ties in State Senate

Vote Joshua Freed write-in for Lieutenant Governor of Washington.